Complaint Procedures


Speak to your claims or licensed insurance representative.

Talk to your representative about your concerns. Your representative is a highly skilled, highly educated professional who understands the critical importance of insurance to your financial security and peace of mind, and will represent your best interests to the insurance company.


Contact the Complaint Liaison Office

Bring the issue to our Complaint Liaison Office. If your broker is unable to resolve the issue on your behalf with our personnel, you can contact our Complaint Liaison Officer by phone, fax, letter or email:

Unifund Complaint Liaison Office
137 Venture Run, Suite 300
Dartmouth, NS B3B 0L9
Fax: 905-403-2331
Email: [email protected]

It is our goal to resolve your complaint within 30 working days. If this is not possible, we will let you know within the 30 working days that it will take longer and explain the reason for the delay.

Please include your full name, address, and telephone number. In addition to providing the details of your concern, please have your policy or claim number at hand so that we can begin our review as quickly as possible. Unifund will work very diligently at resolving the problem to your satisfaction. If however, you are not satisfied with our response, you may choose to escalate it further.


Independent Assistance

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, upon request, we will send you a 'final position letter'. This letter will explain Unifund Assurance Company's final decision on the issue based on our review of your concern and will include information on how to escalate your complaint to the General Insurance Ombudservice (GIO). Following the receipt of the final position letter, if you wish to pursue the matter further, you may choose to approach the GIO.

GIO helps resolve conflicts between insurance customers and their insurance companies, for home, auto and business insurance needs. You can contact the GIO at 1-877-225-0446 or visit their website at

You may also contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), an independent federal organization responsible for, among other things, ensuring that federally regulated financial entities comply with market conduct requirements, and informing consumers about their rights and responsibilities. The web-site for the FCAC is and the phone number is 1-866-461-3222.

Update April 2019