How we assess your claim

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How is my claim assessed and how can I avail of my benefits?

Auto claims assessment

If your vehicle is damaged, you can bring it to one of our preferred repair shops or one of your choice. Our preferred repair shops provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction. They will provide a written guarantee on your vehicle repairs for as long as you own/ lease the vehicle. Most repair shops provide a guarantee of workmanship. If you have rental vehicle coverage, a vehicle may be provided for you right at the repair facility.

We do our utmost to have your vehicle appraised at the earliest possible time convenient for you. If you choose one of our preferred repair shops your vehicle will be appraised or booked for an appointment. We will review the shop's appraisal electronically (where electronic appraisal is available) so work can begin on your vehicle without delay.

Home claims assessment

If your property has been lost or damaged we have a network of approved, bonded vendors who can provide:

  • Emergency repair and clean-up services
  • Protection for your contents from further damage
  • Evaluation of lost, damaged or stolen items

Using our preferred vendors may be able to provide you with the convenience of one estimate depending on the amount of damage or value of claimed items.

Injuries claims assessment

If you are injured, we will assign a trained accident benefit claims adjuster to contact you to discuss your claim. If you are entitled to benefits under the policy, the accident benefit claims adjuster will work with you, your health care provider and your employer to help you recover from your injuries and return to your normal daily life.

You will receive forms to be completed by you, your health care provider and your employer (if you are off work). It is important that these forms be completed and returned as soon as possible. Your accident benefits claims adjuster will follow up with you no later than 30 days after initial contact to ensure that you have received the forms and answer any questions you may have.